About me :)


I am an avid and passionate crafter who paddles in ALL kinds of creative pools. Paper-crafting, Crochet and Altered Art projects are a few crafts I love to play with – I also make jewellery and decorative items. Then I can jump from watercolours to black and white photography .

This Blog is a place for me to organise my crafting life and to share with anyone who may take a look. Hugs and smiles xox


9 Responses to About me :)

  1. Jayne Wall says:

    I am going to be following you chick!

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  2. sugarcoated91 says:

    Hi there, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You always have beautiful crafts here 🙂

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  3. Vonnie Smeaton says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!! Thanks for this, right, I’m off to hunt for some lace, x

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  4. You should add a picture of yourself! It’s always great to SEE who’s behind the blog in the about page! I’m interested and definitely going to be following.

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