Masculine Make Monday: In Laid Die-Cuts

Hi folks, Ms.Rabbit here!

I hope that you are all well and enjoying some fun and crafty times 🙂

Today I shall be sharing a technique which is known as inlay die-cutting, (plus a bonus technique!). This involves die cutting a shape from one card panel and then die cutting it again from a different colour card panel and inserting it into the first panel:


Red, White and Blue inlaid die cuts.


As you can see from the above photo, I chose a red, white and blue colour combination – I changed this classic colour combination up by using both a light blue and a dark blue cardstock. I also used a linen textured white card. This adds extra texture and detail without detracting from the main technique.

Here is how they turned out:


A selection of the finished cards, including sneak peeks of future shares.


To achieve this fun look is actually quite simple:

  • Choose your die shape: Here I chose triangles. The easiest way to get consistently spaced triangles, is to lay them out, cutting side down, nested together and to then tape them all together. This essentially makes one large die and the nested triangles will all be cut identically from one colour to the next. This brings me to the next point:
  • Cardstock choice: I decided to use all cardstock for this project. Meaning that I did not want to include patterned paper this time. I wanted clean simple lines for this particular project. The second part of this step is deciding how many colours would you like? Do you want to keep the whole panel one colour or have a different colour for each section? I chose 4 different colours: red, textured white, a light blue and a dark blue.
  • Quantity: Are you only making one card or multiple? I decided to make four cards. I cut each colour card into a panel, the size was determined by my wanting to use A6 card bases. The panel was sized  to be smaller than the base so as to have a border. This means that all the triangle sections would be used for all the cards.
  • Start die cutting 🙂

Here are the close-ups:


I find this a very effective technique and it could be used for so many occasions and crafts. I’d love to try this for a scrap book page!

Each of the cards have been finished with a selection of either pearls, enamel shapes, dew drops or diamantes. I also added red and silver, metallic thread loops and a die cut sentiment.

Bonus Technique:

For the die cut sentiment I wanted dimension but I also wanted it to be sturdy. I decided to stack the dies. By this I mean I cut several of the same word die ready to adhere together in a stack. This gives the sentiment solid dimension.

For an added twist to this, I also colour stacked them. For each word, I die cut 2 red, 2 white and 2 each of the blues. Here is the effect that is achieved:


This achieves a fun and very dimensional sentiment.

I hope that you try these techniques; they are great fun and can be made as simple or as complex as you decide 🙂

Thank you for stopping by, see below for more photos.

Take Care and Happy Crafting!!


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  1. Aw these are lovely Jenni. Way to go! ~ Cobs. x

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  2. Thanks Cobs 🙂 x


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