Friday Fun: Mixed Media Card

Hello again Crafty Folk 🙂

Today I am sharing a card that I have created using one of my favourite creative genres – Mixed Media. If you are unsure of what exactly entails Mixed Media I shall explain; It is literally a piece of art created with a variety of media i.e. paint, collage, papers, inks, fabrics and the list goes on.

Here is the card I have made to showcase this type of art, creativity or whatever you would like to describe it:


To create this card I have used card, die cuts, vellum, paint, ink, embossing powder and texture paste. Plus a few more medias I think!

I’m going to share various photographs of different stages of creating this card. Here Goes:


I have used a striped, thick card to create the card base and then I heat embossed a design onto it. I did this by using a feather stencil and my Versamark clear ink pad. I lay the stencil over the card base and pushed the ink pad over the stencil design. I then lifted the stencil off – very carefully may I add 🙂 – and added white embossing powder. Once I had covered the design with the powder, I preheated my heat gun and then melted the embossing powder to complete the design.

The next step was to decorate the Vellum panel I was going to use:


This photo shows the finished outcome plus the products that I used. I simply took a dollop of texture paste and added a couple of drops of teal ink. I then mixed it well to achieve the desired colour. You can also make your own texture paste using PVA glue, white acrylic paint and talc. You can find lots of tutorials via YouTube etc.

Next on the agenda was to add the layers:


For this part I laid out my die cuts and panels and arranged them to how I wanted them. I felt that something was missing so I added in some lace. I used white lace to add texture without overpowering the card.

Next I added the sentiment and the embellishments:


Now here is the finished card:


I also decorated the cards interior and the envelop:


So there you go, Mixed Media in a nutshell. Of course this is a simple example of mixed media. This genre translates wonderfully into altered art projects, canvas work, scrap-booking and everything else too I imagine!

Thank you so much for stopping by, below are the rest of the photos for you to look through if you like 🙂

Take Care and Happy Crafting!


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