WordPress Poetry 201: Day 6

Hi all  and welcome to day 6’s offering of the Poetry 201 course 🙂

This is the criteria given for todays assignment:o

Word:     Faces

Type:      Found poetry – composed of words or letters collected from other sources such as magazines or printed, then rearranged into something meaningful.

Tool:      Chiasmus – A reversal of a phrase e.g.

”..Laid back with my mind on my money and my money on my mind…”

I didn’t have the time to actually collect the words from other sources, so I decided to concentrate on using the inspirational word and to try to incorporate the language tool  for this poem.

So here goes:-

It’s hard to see, outside and in;

So easy to appear like all is well.

The feeling of pain and the pain of feeling,

sometimes there are no words – my body a cell.

Wanting to live a life more easy.

Knowing my reliability is not guaranteed,

socially, emotionally, in my own head.

Plans re-rearranged as the pain gathers speed.

”I want to just function.” is all I can think.

”You don’t look ill”… look laprascopically, more surgery.

”Still in bed at this time?” I’m not lazy; I try.

So sleep deprived, Endo claims me; no energy.

I wanted to describe how living with a chronic illness changes the face of a personality – whether its wanted or not.

Thanks again,

Jenny 🙂


About JenniferRabbit

I am an avid crafter and will try any artistic medium that I can :)
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