WordPress Poetry 201: Day 5

Day 5 of the WordPress, Poetry 201 event.

Word:   Map – area, surroundings, space

Type:     Ode, a poem celebrating a person, object, place etc. A compelling portrait/investigation of its relationship to yourself.

Tool:      Metaphor.

I enjoyed this assignment very much, I hope you enjoy the results:

A tactile, intriguing, exciting perusal –

trying to decide where, where and where?

Where to end up – somewhere magical it seems.

Where to go – the route, the path to choose

ensuring a journey spectacular to travel.

Then, where to stop along the road;

so many wonder, this map it shows.

A tactile, intriguing and exciting perusal,

the key to adventures that will soon be memories.

Roads that wind and waters that flow –

all do so on this magical paper.

Towns, counties and cities all portrayed in glorious detail.

I have perused and been intrigued.

The excitement that flows, joy that inspires.

An adventure.

A life lived.

Thanks for popping by, Jenny.


About JenniferRabbit

I am an avid crafter and will try any artistic medium that I can :)
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  1. Beautiful words with lovely meaning.

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