WordPress 201: Day 2

Hi all,

Todays assignment:

Word: Gift

Type: Acrostic, the first or last letters on each line make up a word.

Language Tool: Simile


Serious anticipation builds as I regard the wrapped delight before me,

Undiluted pleasure as I touch the outside, beautiful and secretive.

Soon I will hold you before me, I think.

Pensively, I will begin to remove the layers, one…by…one.

Exhausting, this feeling of wanting to know what lies beneath,

Nothing compares to this thrill I’m sure.

Suddenly the moment arrives, needed as sure as breath.

Every fibre feels as taut as a wire, as I finally.. touch..the gift….

  I decided to base my poem on the anticipation or suspense upon receiving a gift. I love surprises. I don’t want to know beforehand what a gift is going to be – I love the magic, the excitement 🙂

Thanks again for stopping by,

Take care and happy crafting,

jenny 🙂


About JenniferRabbit

I am an avid crafter and will try any artistic medium that I can :)
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2 Responses to WordPress 201: Day 2

  1. Congratulations on your poetry, I love them all.

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