I Tried a New Craft Skill!

Hi all ,

I hope that you are all doing well and have been enjoying some fun crafting times ๐Ÿ™‚

Well todays blog post is kind of an update entry; I had noticed that my ‘To do..’ project pile had piled up… and up and up lol!! I had been picking up odd bits here and there for the last year or so. Items from charity shops to alter, craft kits to try new skills or just a frame that I had liked and wanted to turn into an art piece. I had a very hectic year last year – I seemed to spend most of the year recovering from the two big surgeries I had, which left little time for any major crafting.

So, I decided to get started!! The first project that I cracked on with was my altered Jewellery chestย  – shared here on my blog. Then I went on to make a few cards with craft goodies that I had received as gifts, (either from friends or as free Magazine gifts.); Then from there I went on to picture frames. The one that I am sharing today however, is a new craft skill that I tried by purchasing a cheap kit: Needle Felting. Needle felting uses sharp needles which you poke repeatedly into fibres. This firms the fibres up essentially felting them and can be formed into all sorts of shapes.

I bought the kit from The Works here in the U.K. I had been itching to try this craft for a good while, so when I saw this mini kit I was like ”yes please!!”. I find these kits a great way to sample a new hobby, without having to spend lots of money , before even knowing if you enjoy it!

My crafty pal, Hugh the cat, liked my end result a little too much !

My crafty pal, Hugh the cat, liked my end result a little too much !

As you can see the kit was to produce a needle felted cat. I really enjoyed having a go at this and will invest in the equipment at some point in the very near future.

It was quick to get to grips with – I only poked myself half a dozen times, I thought this quite reasonable for the first attempt lol!!!

So here is the finished result:

My cute felted Kitty!

My cute felted Kitty!

View from above.

View from above.

I had enough felt left over to make a little mouse too – the cat stole that one too lol!

Thank you for popping by, I hope this encourages to try something new – you never know til you try ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care and Happy Crafting xx


About JenniferRabbit

I am an avid crafter and will try any artistic medium that I can :)
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4 Responses to I Tried a New Craft Skill!

  1. carol says:

    Well done your very clever we love the picture you made us for our anniversary itsbour first 3D pic we love the London theme thankyoyxx

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  2. Thanks mum,Glad you like it lol xxx


  3. A very creative project and very cute.

    Liked by 1 person

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