How to Make … A Lace Flower

Hi all, I hope that you are enjoying some crafting time 🙂

Today I have decided to share a quick post on how to make this lace flower:

Handmade lace flower cluster.

Handmade lace flower cluster.

This photograph depicts part of a Christmas Advent Tower that I made for Christmas 2014.

The making of the flower is quite simple but effective.

  • The first step is to pick a lace that you like – I have found that a lace trim with a fairly straight edge on one side works the best. You need to cut a length of this lace – about 6 inches works, the longer the length the larger or more layered the flower.
  •  Next take a needle threaded with the same colour thread as your lace and use a running stitch from one end of your lace length to the other, up the straight edge. Ensure that you have knotted or secured the thread to prevent it coming loose.
  • the next step determines the size and shape of the flower: whilst the threaded needle is still connected to your lace, pull the thread like a drawstring. the tighter you pull the closer your flower will be – plus more ruffle. Be careful not to snap your thread. If you have used a longer piece of lace, you will be able to ‘spiral’ your ruffles on top of each other to create a multi layered flower.
  • Next sew your flower closed and secure and cut any loose threads,
  • Add a centre: on my flower above, I hot glued a different faux flower to the centre of my lace piece, then layered it onto a die cut snowflake. Experiment and have fun – add buttons, bows, diamantes or take embellishments from hair clips etc. ( U.K. – Primark is great for these. Pound/Dollar stores are a great source too.)

Now there you have it – your own handmade lace flower ready for any time of project that you may have in mind. Add a brooch back or hair clip to make accessories. Attach to a headband, fabric glue to a plain bag or item of clothing to update. Paper-crafting, jewellery making etc. etc. … the choice is yours 🙂

You could also swap the Lace for ribbon, fabric strips or even hessian – just have fun!

I hope to see you back here soon – take care and happy crafting 🙂


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I am an avid crafter and will try any artistic medium that I can :)
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  1. Nice idea and lovely result! ~ Cobs. x


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