Thrifty Friday Crafting Tips – Heat Embossing

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Todays blog is a tip to use with heat embossing. It can be used for other techniques but this is the one that I primarily use it for.

To achieve the best results from heat embossing it is a good idea to use an anti static powder. These are often available in little fabric bags which dispense the powder onto your paper, when wiped over the area you want to stamp on. These can often be expensive although they do a good job.

Diamantes for added sparkle - Pale Blue and Aurora Borealis. White heat embossing.

Diamantes for added sparkle – Pale Blue and Aurora Borealis. White heat embossing.

My tip : Cornflour.

Use a clean dry paintbrush to dust over the panel that you are stamping onto and it does exactly the same thing! It prevents the embossing powder sticking where you don’t want it to e.g. oily finger marks etc.

When stored in a dry, airtight container it will last a long time as a little does go a loooooong way lol.

Once you have stamped and heat embossed ,just wipe the panel with a dry cloth to remove the dust, just as you would with any other product.

Another use for the cornflour is to achieve a dusty chalk board effect. Stamp  your chosen image or text onto your black or dark coloured card with white ink. Wait for your ink to dry. Dust over with the corn flour – just don’t wipe it off 🙂 effect achieved!

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