Thrifty Friday Crafting Tips – Hoard the ‘Board

HI all,

Welcome back to my blog 🙂 I hope that you are all well and enjoying some crafty times!

In last weeks thrifty tips ,I talked about saving packaging. This week I shall talk further about saving the cardboard: Thick, Thin and decorated or plain.

Thick Cardboard – The thick card from packaging can be used instead of adhesive foam pads to give dimension to your projects. As it can be trimmed to practically any size or shape it also adds structure and sturdiness. This can be especially good when mailing cards – it will prevent buckling in the post. Of course remember to factor in postage costs, to decide how thick that you are willing to go on a mailing project.

Thin Cardboard – can also be used as above but can also be layered to get differing thickness too. Cardboard can also be used to make covers for mini albums, large tags and also altered art projects. Die cut shapes to adhere to canvas for dimension when mixed medias are added.

Decorated Cardboard – Panels of decorated card from packaging can be cut to size  to use as patterned panels or strips. It can also be die-cut into shapes or cut around from a stencil or template, lots are available both online and in books.

Plain Cardboard –  This offers the opportunity to decorate your own panels. I love using craft colour card with white inks. Adding a splash of Red or Turquoise is a favourite combination of mine. I also like to leave it plain which can be especially versatile with masculine cards.

Corrugated cardboard that I saved from packaging.

Corrugated cardboard that I saved from packaging.

Another thing that I like to do is to reveal the texture of corrugated card. some card has a smooth layer with corrugated card in between. This can be exposed by gently removing a layer, often dampening can help with this.

Now its your turn – what do you do with cardboard ? I look forward to the idea sharing.

I hope you visit again, take care and Happy Crafting!!  🙂


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I am an avid crafter and will try any artistic medium that I can :)
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