Thrifty Friday Crafting Tips – Save a Packet…(or two or three…..)

Hi all !!

Here is the start of my new Friday blog series – ( yes I know I have posted this on Saturday but I am running behind, post Christmas ,lol!!)- This will be a selection of tips, tricks and money saving ideas for all types of crafting. I hope that they will be helpful and informative and I look forward to hearing about any tips or comments that you use in your own crafting projects.

So here goes…

Here is a tip for the festive season – or other celebratory times – save packaging!!!

Keep Acetate – make panels for use on shaker cards or to make window cards. Adhesive can be removed off of it with an alcohol wipe from the first aid box. Then wipe with damp cloth or baby wipe and buff with dry tissue. Acetate can also be used to make lids for jewellery gift boxes and die-cut  and used for jewellery.

Save ribbon – even small pieces can be used: cover a piece of plain cardboard with ribbon ends to make a textured panel. Knot onto another ribbon wrapped around your card panel for a finishing detail or add behind circles to make a rosette. Ribbons can also be threaded onto jewellery wire for use in jewellery making.

Save Cardboard – The thick as well as the thin. this can be used for a multitude of reasons. more of which I shall go into next time.

These are just a few things that you could save and use – Now its your turn. What do you save from packaging? what do you use it for?

I am intrigued to know and to learn some new crafty tips for myself as well!

Thanks for popping by, Take care and Happy crafting!! 🙂


About JenniferRabbit

I am an avid crafter and will try any artistic medium that I can :)
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2 Responses to Thrifty Friday Crafting Tips – Save a Packet…(or two or three…..)

  1. Donna Depellette says:

    Hi Jen. I save cardboard from the printer pads at work, they’re normally thrown away. They’re 6 X 6 so an ideal size for making covers for scrapbooks. They’re also great for the pages in a book to add a bit of strength when using patterned paper.

    I also made a mini book from the carton of a bar of soap. I sewed the pages in place and covered the outside with patterned paper. It smelt lovely too, bonus!

    I haven’t had chance to try out myself yet but I’ve heard a tumble dryer sheet is good for removing static from card or acetate.

    I look forward to reading more tips.

    Donna x

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  2. Hey Donna , fabulous ideas 🙂 Tumble dryer sheets are great for removing static; also once they have been through the dryer, they make an excellent layer over an image panel for added texture 🙂 Use a spray glue to attach, then sprinkle fine glitter on top – the glitter will stick to the spray glue through the fibres. Very pretty 🙂


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