A Crafty Baby Shower – Part 6

Hi crafters, I hope that you are all doing well.

Time to focus on Banners for this Crafty Baby Shower post and I have a variety to share. These banners range in sizes, styles and the location they could be used in.


Starting off with this banner which I made from a variety of punched, scalloped circles, it is one of the smaller in size. Some circles are layered together, others have added wooden buttons or beads threaded onto them. I used a small hole punch to make a ‘button’ effect in the centre of each circle. I added twine threaded through these Button holes, then the ends were knotted , with three added wooden beads for decoration.


This next banner is even smaller; made for a table decoration or other smaller space. this was made from the leftover strips from the other decoration. I folded each strip over the length of twine, adhered the layers together and then cut a ‘v’ shape into the end. This is also called a fishtail, flagged or ribbon end cut.

The next banner is one of a larger size:


This time each flagged banner was glued onto the same decorative ribbon which I used on the invites and other projects. I thought that the top of the flag pennant needed some additional interest. I chose these cute teeny mini – wooden pegs and glued them into place as I wanted to make sure they stayed there permanently.

Punched butterfly from the same coordinating papers were added for some contrast and interest.


This banner shows pennants of alternating sizes and patterns. I attached these onto the Aqua satin ribbon this time and then hand sewed the buttons to the top centre of each one. Time consuming but definitely worth the extra effort 🙂


The largest, centre pennant had the extra detail of a stamped image on a scalloped circle. A close up of the ribbon and button area also.

The last and final banner that I would like to share with you today, is also the largest. Made up of a variety of shapes, which, on average, measured at the 11″ mark!  The Banner has a symmetrical layout, with the centre shape featuring more detail and embellishments. This one was made with the assistance of Baby shower coordinator Amanda who also chose the shapes that she wanted to use.

Largest banner  I made, using a variety of shapes cut with my electronic cutting machine.

Largest banner I made, using a variety of shapes cut with my electronic cutting machine.

I really enjoyed creating a variety banners. Although they are different in the style the papers I used for each are the same which give them the cohesive look of a set.

I do have one more banner too share with you  but that is for another post as it was also an activity. I hope you have enjoyed todays post , feel free to comment and I will be back again soon 🙂

Take care and happy crafting!


About JenniferRabbit

I am an avid crafter and will try any artistic medium that I can :)
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4 Responses to A Crafty Baby Shower – Part 6

  1. sugarcoated91 says:

    Delightful as usual! Do you have any websites for your crafts apart from this blog?


    • I have just started my own Facebook page but thats all. I dont have enough time to maintain a website to the standard I would like currently. Hopefully in the future though! Thank you for your kind comment, it’s very much appreciated:)


  2. Beautiful Banners Jenn, but then everything you do is beautiful.
    You’re such a great crafter!
    Sending love and crafty hugs ~ Cobs. x


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