Crochet Phone Case

Hi all, I just thought I would share another crochet project with you.

As I mentioned before, I wanted to teach myself to crochet for my 2014 new years resolution and wanted to try a smaller scale project.



I decided to use a close knit crochet stitch for this phone case, as I wanted to make sure it was as sturdy as possible. I chose to use single crochet with a multi coloured yarn. I used a button closure and added some crochet ‘ribbon’ details.

I hope you like this latest project, take care and Happy Crafting!!! 🙂


About JenniferRabbit

I am an avid crafter and will try any artistic medium that I can :)
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4 Responses to Crochet Phone Case

  1. sugarcoated91 says:

    That’s nice! I want to learn how to crochet as well but no idea where to start. Any pointers?


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